• AB Travel Ltd.

    AB Travel Ltd.

    Manager: Donka Georgieva
    Address: Bulgaria, 7, Ivan Vazov Str. 9000 Varna
    Phone number: + 359 52 65 15 40; +359 52 910 902
    Fax number: + 359 52 65 15 40
    Web site:


    Type: Tour operator

    Membership: BATA, Varna Tourist Chamber

    Local holidays: Seaside resorts

    Incoming: Europe

    Outgoing: Hotel accommodation worldwide, holiday packages, business trips

    Special programmes: Congresses and corporate events, incentive, cultural, spa

    Ticketing: Flight reservations

    Other: rent a car, insurance

  • Albena JSC

    Albena JSC

    Manager: Diana Tilkova-Pavlova
    Address: Albena resort CIC, 221 office
    Phone number: +359 700 12 110
    Fax number: (+359 579) 62319
    Web site:


    Type - Tour operator, Travel agent

    Membership - BATA, IATA

    Local holidays - Seaside resorts, Mountain region

    Incoming - Germany, France, Romania, Belgium, Netherlands, Israel, UK

    Outgoing - All over the world, specialist in France

    Special programmes - cultural, congress, balneology

    Ticketing - Flight tickets, Bus tickets

    Rent a car

  • Alder Travel Ltd

    Alder Travel Ltd

    Manager: Executive Director: Krassimir Kanev
    Address: 1606 Sofia; 5, D. Traikovich Str.
    Phone number: +359 2 951 63 06, 953 25 80, 951 61 66
    Fax number: (+359 2) 951 63 07
    Mobile phone: + 359 893 61 94 94
    Web site:


    Type - Tour operator, Travel agent

    Membership – BATA, IATA

    Activities – SPA, escorted tours, ski, Black sea excursions

    Tourism – inbound, outbound, airtickets

  • Allegro Tours LTD.

    Allegro Tours LTD.

    Manager: Tania Budurova
    Address: 1000 Sofia, 22 Neofit Rilski Str., fl. 1, ap. 4
    Phone number: +359 2 480 41 11
    Fax number: + 359 2 851 25 83
    Mobile phone: +359 889 634 246
    Web site:


    Tour operator

    Products: Cultural sightseeing and religious tours; on demand tours; wine tours; offers for individual travelers;

    Special holiday programmes: musical trips, concert tours for choirs and orchestras, incentive tours.

    Incoming: EuropeOutgoing: Austria, Italy, France, Greece, Scandinavia, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK


  • Amigos Travel Ltd.

    Amigos Travel Ltd.

    Manager: Vladimir Dimirev
    Address: 4000 Plovdiv, 2, Konstantin Velichkov Str, office 11.
    Phone number: + 359 32 62 14 50
    Fax number: + 359 32 66 02 03;
    Mobile phone: +359 885 161 260
    Web site:


    Tour operator and Travel agent

    Services in the field of organization of workshops and other events; holidays; business visits; individual and group bookings of hotels and apart-hotels; organization of individual and group trips with plane, ship, bus or car in the country or abroad.

    Offers all products of the worldwide travel group TUI AG. 



    Manager: Vasil Antonov
    Address: 56, Ivan Vazov str., 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    Phone number: +359 32 63 18 91
    Fax number: +359 32 63 18 91
    Mobile phone: +359 888 129 644
    Web site:


    Tour operatorTrips and holidays in Bulgaria and abroad Hotel accommodation Weekend programs Summer and winter resorts in Bulgaria and abroad Youth tourism, Green school, Sports weekend, balls, etc

  • Aristours Ltd.

    Aristours Ltd.

    Manager: Tanya Stoykova - President
    Address: 9700 Shoumen, 5 “Todor Ikonomov” Str.
    Phone number: +359 54 87 25 09
    Fax number: +359 54 87 90 31
    Mobile phone: +359 888 810 768
    Web site:


    Type - Travel agent, Tour operator

    Membership - BATA, BAAT, VTC

    Local holidays - Seaside resorts, Mountain region

    Incoming - England, Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Slovenia

    Outgoing - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Austria

    Special programmes - cultural, rural, special interest programs

    Ticketing - Flight tickets, Bus tickets; Insurance;

    Rent a car

  • Astra Travel Ltd.

    Astra Travel Ltd.

    Manager: Tanya Karamarinova
    Address: 1000 Sofia, 17 A "Simeonov vek" Str.
    Phone number: +359 2 870 38 33
    Fax number: +359 2 870 38 36
    Web site:


    Type: Tour operator, Travel agent

    Membership: BATA

    Local holidays: Seaside resorts, Mountain resorts, Cultural tourism  

    Incoming - Europe

    Outgoing - Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Brazil, Unated Arab Emirates, Tunisia

    Special programmes - eco, spa, individual and business tourism  

    Ticketing - Flight tickets






    Manager: Milena Efremova
    Address: 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria, 33 Totleben Blvd Fl.1, office 1
    Phone number: +359 2 951 62 63
    Fax number: +359 2 851 92 83
    E-mail: office@
    Web site:


    Cultural Tourism - round programs in Bulgaria with a different focus - visits of cultural and historical sites, museums, sites of UNESCO, architectural reserves etc.Vacations for Bulgarian and foreign citizens in our summer, winter and spa resorts, reservations for family hotels and farm houses.Business tourism - organizing corporate events, team- buildings, cocktail parties, catering events, VIP receptions, and more.Outgoing tourismAirplane tickets




    Manager: Rumiana Monevska
    Address: 1000 Sofia, 137, Todor Aleksandrov blvd, floor 4, office № А-12
    Phone number: +359 0700 111 27; +359 2 4411481; +359 2 443 8565
    Web site:


    "Avatar Tour" Ltd. is a licensed tour operator and travel agent, offering inbound and outbound tourism. 

    Inbound tourism - our goal is to be  helpful, responsible and fair to customers and partners, providing quality products and professional attitude! TA "Avatar Tour" serves foreign tourists from The Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Romania, Macedonia, Greece and Serbia. Our partners are well-established and proven travel agencies. 

    Outbound tourism - our services are: 
    Airline ticket to anywhere in the world on scheduled or charter flights and low-cost airlines. Our highly qualified staff will provide you with the most appropriate route and lowest price for your chosen destination. For corporate clients we offer special discounts as well as 24-hour monitoring of the reservations; 
    Trips in Bulgaria and abroad, including exotic destinations, summer and winter holidays, spa, routes of special interest, hobby tourism, cruise trips; 
    Individual and group hotel reservations; charter and bus programs, weekend packages. 
    Our customers have a wide choice of options for vacation suitable for families with children and youth groups; for people seeking relax and healthy recreation; For the safe and adventurous journey ... Each individual trip is being considered and prepared in accordance with your requirements, both in terms of quality and price! We will make sure to have fun and relax fully, to be happy and to take advantage of our services again!

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